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  • JH Audio - Astell&Kern Diana IEM
    https://us.astellnkern.com/collections/headphones-iems/products/diana?variant=19245367296059 Beautiful both inside and outDiana is a product
  • HD1 comfortability
    Hey guys, Ive owned a pair of Sennheiser HD598s for years and I absolutely love them, but they are open back, so they dont canceel out noise and are not
  • IEM tips advice, please?
    My ibasso 1t03 just keep on falling out of my ears, i ve had them for months now but they have never lasted more than 5 minutes in my ears without falling out,
    obileye obiyemi2018-11-10post:3
  • BGVP DM6 and DMG Discussion thread
    Pictures are welcome. All colors offered and a pic of each type would be coolRED courtesy of @chinmie
  • .
  • Upgrade IEM
    Hi everyone, what does the market offer as an upgrade to a pair of Heir Audio IEM8? they sound great, but I would like more detail. Maximum budget $ 1500
  • IT01s IEM. A new view to your music.
    Our IT01s are a totally new design of the dynamic driver. The IT01s is a single dynamic driver IEM meant to give you everything that is on the recording and to
    Paul - iBasso2018-11-25post:15
  • Office earphones [help please]
    Hi guys,im searching for a pair of earphones under 50$, id like to use them in office (music) and during lunch break (youtube)..they have to be comfortable,
  • BQEYZ KB100 Impressions
    So I got this KB100 recently and found it to be quite interesting in a really good way, this hybrid (1DD + 2BA) - sounds a bit on the balanced side with a
  • BGVP DM6 Sound Signature?
    I cant find a lot of information on the BGVP DM6, so Im hoping that you guys can help.Ive read that the mids are neutral, but Ive also heard that the mids
  • Having more than 1 IEM, is there a point?
    Hi Guys,I have only 1 IEM now, Beyerdynamics AK T8iE Mk II.I love this IEM but I am starting to get bored with the same sound signature going into my 3rd year
    Van Gogh2018-11-25post:5
  • PortaPro + Sony DR-S4 - modding advice!
    So I found an old DR-S4 headphone with the leather headband and pads surprisingly supple after years of sitting in an attic, and thought that it would be a
  • Sennheiser Momentum Free
    Anyone tried these? Looking into getting them. General thread about the earphones but I have some personal questions below.
  • What's so wrong with Shure SE215s?
    Mods please delete or move if Im posting this in the wrong place and sorry in advance.Im sort of new to the IEM world. For full sized headphones, I have an old
  • In-Ear Headphones $400 AUD Recommendations
    Can anyone recommend me some in-ears, wired or wireless, for around $400 and under? Audiophile stuff too, not for monitoring. For listening.
  • Koss SP330 thread
    What's your opinion?
  • FA7, the first Quad drivers IEM from FiiO , all Knowles BAs and 3D printed technical , MMCX design
    A beautiful photo first.
  • DAP/Amp pairing with CA Atlas?
    Hi all, I just purchased a CA Atlas. This is my first foray into TOTL-level gear and I want to make sure Im getting the most out of it. Currently, the only DAP
  • Bose Bose QuietComfort 20 Not working with extension cable
    Sound quality aside, these really come in handy when Im video editing and theres construction going on outside. However I had to rearrange my computer set up
  • Audio-Technica M50xBT Impressions Thread
    Just picked these up yesterday and have been listening to them for about 8 hours (cumulative). So far, very impressed.To me they sound very much like the M50x
  • Need to replace px100ii
    Anything similar with small design, open back? id just buy a new pair, but theyre discontinued now and like $160 new. For that price, Id rather of HD 58X from
  • In-Ear - Realistic as possible!
    Hi there! Iam searching for an in-ear that sounds realistic as possible. It could have a slightly bassboost, but the mids and highs should sound very
  • any deals on a set $70-250 range?
    did some reading, heres some mentioned on this board.1MORE Quad Driver in-Ear Earphones $149.88https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XSJV5B9/These are even
  • Recommendations for IEM's under $100
    Hi guys,So I had a pair of Trinity Delta (the first version) IEMs that I really liked, but unfortunately, I have now lost them as I accidentally left them on
  • Empire Ears Legend X
    Have some good time with this beast and I am thinking to write an impression for it. Any comparisons or pair-ups
  • Help! MMCX connector snapped off in new iem
    Im still not sure how I f*cked this up, but on receipt of my first Massdrop purchase (BGVP DMG iem) I elected to use a previously untried mmcx 4.4mm balanced
  • Looking for in-ear headphone for running, sleeping and dubstep
    Hi All,I recently hastily ordered some Phonak Audéo pfe 012, but my ears are unique big and stick out, so the tips were too small for it to fit in my ears.
  • Which headphone to buy?
    Right now I'm using the shure slc-3 with sansa clip+. I'd say i listen predominantly to rock, pop, and electronica while never listen to classical, rap, or
  • How do you know if an IEM is damaged?
    Hi, so I would like to know whether or not you can tell an IEM is damaged by listening to it. Im a bit paranoid about it so I would just like to ask it here.So
  • Padded cases and protection?
    Im using a Campfire Andromeda, but I want to know to what extent padded cases protect the IEM. I use the padded case that comes with the Andromeda, but Im not
  • Shozy IEM impression/appreciation thread (in particular Pola owners)
    With the release of Pola, and the small grown fan base of Shozy owners who are scattered across all the various thread, I want to make a thread so all you guys
  • Bluetooth earphones with SEPARATE buttons for volume and music
    I listen to a variety of podcasts and I find myself frequently adjusting the volume and jumping forward and back in time. So I really appreciate Bluetooth
  • IEM Money Saving Tips
    So Im a member of two communities (1) the headphone/IEM community and (2) the Fragrance Community (see basenotes.com). In both communities I notice a trend of
  • JBUDS Air True Wireless earbuds Review
    A while back I saw a press release that JLab Audio was going to add an affordable alternative to their true wireless headphones the Epic and Elite. The new
  • Having trouble with the Samsung Gear IconX (2018) and a MacBook
    Hello all,Last week I picked up a pair of the samsung gear iconx (2018). Apparently, Im supposed to be able to use the gear manager app that is packaged in the
  • Audio Measurements on a Headfi Budget
    This thread documents my ongoing journey toward improving DIY home-audio measurements in the hope that it will encourage others to do the same. This is about
  • Alclair Electro 6-Driver Electrostatic Hybrid Custom In-Ear Monitor
    https://alclair.com/monitorshop/electro-electrostatic/Alclair Audio has produced the first in-ear monitor that features electrostatic drivers with an internal
  • Sony EX1000, is it really that awesome?
    Been on here for years, love everything headphones and I have learned so much on these forums, Sony is always a brand I have been partial too and I have
  • New Shure RMCE-BT2 (tested with SE535)
    I thought it might be worth adding a new thread, to expand on a side discussion in another Shure IEM thread.Ive been using the new RMCE-BT2 (bottom of photo)
  • Mee Audio m7 pro or Fiio F9 Pro or what do you recommend?
    Hello people, I am wanting to buy in-ear headphones that have interchangeable cables to have a longer duration over time.I am indecisive between the Mee audio
  • Trying to decide between two over ear Bluetooth headphones
    Creative Outlier Black:https://en.creative.com/p/headphones-headsets/creative-outlier-blackPIONEER SE-MS7BT-K:https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Headphones
  • is this worth it?
    I currently own the jupiters and am wondering if the andromedas are worth the upgrade or are they just equal in terms of overall performance?
  • Which are the best intra-concha to get under $100?
    Hi guys,I purchased some months ago the Massdrop x NuForce EDC In-Ear Monitors (https://www.massdrop.com/buy/52555) but they fall-off my ears all the time and
  • FLC Celeste
    A couple of years ago I had the great pleasure of trying out an early version of the FLC Celeste IEMs at Canjam.I fell in love with them and have waited and
  • Westone W60 Teardown with Photos of 6 BA drivers
    https://fuzzybabybunny.smugmug.com/Westone-W60-Teardown/Photos are deliberately a little bit flat to show off detail in the shadows and highlights.My Westone
  • Astell & Kern AKR02 SCAM
    Hi guys,Sorry for the sensationalist title, but I wanted to highlight a particular point.  For those of you who are not aware, the AKR02 is the detachable
  • For Halloween: Re-animating the JVC HA-RX330
    So, for Halloween, I decided to do a small audio project - to BRING the DEAD back to LIFE! Perhaps worse than dead, take a dull, lifeless sounding headphone
  • Audio Technica ATH-CKR7TW vs Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless?
    True wireless earbuds is really a new thing. Just researched seems those two maybe a great choice. Any idea which one is better?How about a lot of cheap true
  • Final from Japan releasing little brother of E-series, E1000 this December
    I have seen someone mentioned of E1000 at https://www.head-fi.org/threads/fin...scussion-thread.613641/page-535#post-14565869and claimed that he does not
  • Frustrated with the noise cancelling headphone market
    Being a nerd, I find things which most people wouldnt find troubling very troubling. The Sony and Bose headphones that I see have several major problems.Sony
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